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Smart tracking

End-to-End supply chain
traceability in real time

Smart asset to Smart operation

All-in-one connected IoT solutions

A rare combination of connected devices, software and services,
designed for all the players of the traceability process.

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Stracker trackers
Turn your containers, equipment or shipments into smart assets by implementing our IoT connected devices, approved by airlines and certified for the healthcare sector.
Digitalize and automate your asset management and their data with the remote intelligence of our Stracker360 web app.
Benefit from a personalized business team to set up a tracking solution that meets your needs as well as a dedicated support team.

Pick your sector

Make digital and automated the visibility on your containers or contents
which are sensitive, valuable or mission-critical.


Monitor the location, security and condition of your shipments during all steps of transfer and storage via any mode of transportation

Discover our Smart-shipping expertise


Track the location, security and condition of your assets by combining in-facility and in-transit visibility to illuminate all aspects of your supply chain

Discover our Smart-industry expertise
Unlock asset value

Implementing our tracking solutions

to benefit from an efficient management of your invisible assets and improve customer satisfaction by sharing with them qualitative information. Our tracking solutions collect relevant data and provide business insights to make your supply chain safe and predictive, to create direct value and to accelerate your growth.


Anticipated transport irregularities

Operational productiveness

Effective use of your equipment



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